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Welcome to University Services

The Academic Support service works with academic staff, applies policy, and uses relevant systems and processes for programme management. It supports effective and co‐ordinated programme activities – ranging from induction, programme handbooks, fieldwork arrangements, assessment board planning and management, and liaison with external examiners. An important area of work is support for collaborative ventures partners in the day to day running of programmes and assessment. The Graduate School, which provides support for all postgraduate research programmes, is also a key part of ِacademic support. We are pleased to provide additional university services for students about their projects, VoStudy is ready to help you dear student from the beginning of your project to finish it with excellence and success.

Gap Year Abroad

Taking a gap year abroad is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. By being fully immersed in a new language, in your language courses, and in your day-to-day life, you’ll have countless opportunities to improve your language skills and learn about yourself. No matter where you decide to study, a gap year will teach you to understand and appreciate other cultures, not just of the local people, but of the international students you will meet during your year. During your gap year program, you will also experience incredible personal growth, from taking on new challenges each day and learning more about yourself and the world.

Flexibility and support

Once you’ve made the decision to go abroad on a gap year program, it’s time to begin planning all of the details of your journey. Which country will you study in? What will be your focus during your year abroad? Where will you live? These answers as well as your current skill level and age will determine the framework of your year abroad. You can then begin filling in the details, setting a schedule, and preparing for departure. You can count on our experience to guide you through this process, advising you so you can make the right decisions according to your personality and goals. Every gap year program is unique. You’ll design yours from start to finish.