How you’ll learn English online with us

Personalise your course

  • Set your goals
  • Prepare yourself for higher education
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VoStudy make it easy to improve your English, step by step.

Our English – your comfort. Our English online classes connect you with real American teachers via live video conferencing. Participate in lessons, tutorials and student discussions from the comfort of your own home and according to your schedule. Go through all levels of English, from basic through intermediate and onto advanced levels in VoStudy .


VoStudy connects world-class teachers and education professionals from the USA with students from all over the world. Our English language program includes 5 different levels, each with its own curriculum and set of courses, all specifically designed to guide our students from a beginner’s level to a professional business level.!


Get started with interactive lessons


16 Levels of learning

Each of the 16 CEFR-aligned levels of EF English Live is broken down into 4 units made up of practical and interactive lessons.

Multimedia lessons

You’ll practise listening, reading, writing and speaking real-world English from day one in our fun multi-media lessons.

Speech recognition

Our advanced speech recognition software make practising and perfecting new English skills simple and fun.

Instant feedback

For each exercise you complete, you’ll receive personalized feedback from one of our expert teacher.

Learn and practice English in a live class

Whether you’re just a beginner starting your first online English course or an advanced learner hoping to perfect your business English, online English classes with our expert teachers are the fastest way to gain confidence in your English.

Live private classes

Perfect your pronunciation and gain real confidence in your spoken English with personalised, 40-minute online classes with our qualified teachers.

Live group classes

Practise conversational English with 4-5 students at your level in one of our friendly group classes. No need to book, classes start every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.

The Best Features To Students

Maximum learning

give your employees the optimal amount of information in a fraction of the time In a world of high demands and tight deadlines.

Trusted & accepted

As an accredited school, Education Academy offers its graduates a worldwide diploma accepted by schools, colleges, universities.

Secondary Program

Learn at your own pace with our interactive online courses, The program provides tutoring resources for struggling students

levels Certificate

A certificate might be needed to proof sufficient English skills for English-taught courses.