English for Organizations

Advancing Excellence in English Language Teaching for Different and diverse Organizations.

There is no typical VoStudy student. People of all ages and backgrounds study with us, for all sorts of reasons – to update their skills, get a qualification, boost their career, change direction, prove themselves, or keep mentally active.

What is Organization’s English?

Organization’s English is different from everyday spoken English. this  course is designed to help professionals who wish to improve their use of international business English in the workplace. This rigorous certificate program brings together highly motivated students who want to improve their use of  English.You’ll get personalized feedback to develop the skills you need to share academic ideas and communicate in an academic context.

You may be confident in using English in Institutions, but the kind of English you need for study is rather different. It is what is known as ‘Organization English’ and is the type of English you need for  adapting to work in official institutions.

Main features of Organization English

High-level training is aimed at schools, colleges and government organizations in teachers, students and management. We offer flexible, personalized English language training for groups and individuals online at special courses. Our teaching and training is of the highest standard. We support you and your organization as you work in an increasingly international environment. Our teachers are Celta or Delta qualified and experienced professionals

Course Content

We work with you to establish your training needs and create the right proposal for your organisation. Call or email us and we will send you more information to begin the process.
We will send you a training proposal and course outline with course timings and cost. Once you approve, we issue the contract. Every participant completes a placement test. The course objectives are set out at the start based on the result of the placement test and further needs analysis, to manage aims and expectations.

Quick Info

  • Course length
    2-52 weeks
  • Entry level
    Elementary to Advanced English
  • Minimum age
  • Lesson hours
    45 minute lessons
  • Class size
    Average 12, maximum 15
  • Timetable

    All courses are Friday-Friday, 24 classes

Course structure
    • 20 Lessons (15 hours) of General English
    • 7 Sessions (5.25 hours)

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We use international books, focusing on spoken fluency to improve the grammar, vocabulary and professional communication skills required to advance confidently in your career. Our highly qualified teachers ensure that you develop skills that are required in meetings, e-mail and report writing.